Beehives are highly evolved ecosystems where everyone is creating the reality within by being a fundamental part of the workflow. A very organic workflow in which the experience of doing what you do is a must so it feels nourishing.

The workflow of you as a volunteer must be organic for yourself, therefore you define the number of hours and the regularity in which you’d like to come.



Physical movement, attitude and will power, this is the energy in the construction team, if you’d like to volunteer here you’ll find plenty of movement in the construction and development of the building.


Be part of the kitchen’s team bringing nourishment to everyone at home. Put your hands and heart in the soil working with the plants in the gardening area. Help us to keep MaHalla pretty and tidy in the maintenance department.


If your calling is to volunteer in public relations, marketing, legal affairs or if you have skills in IT and organisation then this is the perfect team for you!


In the continuous movement of MaHalla we put a lot of energy and love in the organisation of our program, our production and in artist care. If here’s where you resonate we’d love to welcome you in the content team! 


There is honey in beehives, here we call it MaHoney, which you receive in exchange by being a volunteer.

The volunteering number of hours transform into MaHoney.

1-volunteering hour = 5 MaHoney.

You can use MaHoney to experience MaHalla’s events, concerts, workshops, performances or to buy food, drinks and merchandise throughout the year.

If you volunteer for 100 hours your name will be engraved in MaHalla’s floor of gratitude.

In MaHalla fulfilment is the abundance that you experience yourself –
we dream the world as we craft it with our hands.