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April 6 - June 2


“SHINSOU SHINRIN” The Ethereal Art of Ryoji Homma

“SHINSOU SHINRIN,” an evocative exhibition by the distinguished artist Ryoji Homma. Embark on an ethereal journey through a collection that embodies the essence of dreams, visions, and the unspoken language of art.

Ryoji Homma stands as an explorer of the artistic unknown, crafting his path with a medium’s certainty. His work, free from the constraints of traditional schooling or techniques, is a celebration of intuitive discovery, where the intangible becomes tangible through his expressive hands.

Drawing from the depth of European modernity with a nod to expressionism and impressionism, Homma infuses his creations with a psychedelic Japanese sensibility. His art transcends materiality, offering a kaleidoscope of colors that dare to encapsulate our dreams. With an ingeniously sophisticated stroke, Homma’s palette weaves together modern and ancient myths set in an invisible moon’s light, revealing a mythological garden of crypto species and ephemeral beauties.

“SHINSOU SHINRIN” invites you to delve into Ryoji Homma’s world, a space where color, myth, and dream converge to create a transcendent experience. Curated by OAM in Mahalla, this exhibition promises an unparalleled journey into the heart of Homma’s imagination, a place where the forest of symbols and the dance of shadows illuminate the language of dreams. Join us for a journey beyond the visible, into the realms of artistic revelation.

Curated by OAM
06.04. – 01.06.2024

Discover the sophistication in Homma’s strokes, where traditional European art meets a psychedelic Japanese sensibility, creating a unique visual language that speaks directly to the soul.



April 6
June 2


Wilhelminenhofstrasse 76/77
Berlin, 12459 Germany
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