Current Program

Tie & Draw

18:30  - 22:00

TIE & DRAW Workshop
4th May
Doors open 6:30 pm

With Bettina Semmer & Hentie Ropes

The 3 hour workshop, is a nice way to approach the human body artistically –
for the experienced artist as well as for the beginner.

The ropes break and frame the body, they set accents and bring it into positions that are otherwise difficult to reach, let alone to hold. In the spectacular setting of the turn of the century industrial hall, we will have a chance to feel inspired by the spirit and suspension hook of the place.

Each participant has the chance to model or tie.

Your Instructors/performers are
visual artist @bettinasemmer
and  @hentie_ropes.

Tickets via
Photocredits by @hentie_ropes, Jan Sobottka and Ed James Harding.

Pyramid Party

16:00  - Midnight

Pyramid Party
8th May
Doors open 4 pm



A spark of light in the darkness,
a shadow,
a glimpse of ecstasy,
sensual bliss,
ritualistic dance.

Pyramid Party is an accelerated portal to download love, gratitude, sexuality, creativity and pleasure. Take flight and come together as one as the bodies move. Celebrate the divinity of drag. Reflect the elements into another's eyes and take a dose of pleasure as you swim in the sounds of love.

The donation for this event to support the artists is on a sliding scale basis:

22 € - Square Pyramid Lover
33 € - Triangular Pyramid Lover
44 € - Pentagonal Pyramid Lover

hosted by BOTO, Alvin Collantes & Giulia Anna Maria

Opening Doors at 16:00
17:00: Opening Gong Bath Ceremony
17:30: Breathework & Energy Work with Agi and Stefan
18:30: Collective Dose of Pleasure with Bibingka Babe (Alvin)
19:30: Performance & Meditation
20:00: Dance Energy Activation DJ Set by Ismale Laurën & BOTO until Midnight!

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