Drum Workshop by Ali Hasan  

We will travel within the different rhythms used especially in Middle Eastern music while addressing the different rhythms used globally. No musical knowledge required.

We will build the steps together in a steady and smooth way, learn the basics and go to infinity. Build your own technique, create your own rhythm, strengthen your ears, pay attention to the least visible detail, enjoy and play 2/4 ~ 3/ 4 ~ 4/ 4 & more…

We will supply you with musical instruments if you intend to attend, but it is welcome if you want to bring your own musical instrument. Breath, warm up, strengthen your hands, joints, fingers, and work together to separate the senses.

The workshop is facilitated by Ali Hasan


Time Start: 6:00 PM 

Entry Price € 15,00
How long:

** This Workshops is no room for sexism, homophobia, racism **

The events follows 2G regulations

Photos taken by Jungle Julia - Per Anhalter