Stephanie Bothor

The Remontant Fury – Study of a Future Archetype 2020

Paper, wood, fabric, sensualities of the many, objects

objects, drawings, sound recordings and photographs. A parallel universe. We feel it as a kind of extended feeling, a standing situated within us. The idea of the “remontant fury” describes an en-ergy state of rebellion against traditional attributions and invisibility.
How do we unlearn what has been asserted for centuries? What emerges if we try? The aim is to find an aesthetic of its own for the hitherto undiscovered archetype of the “remontant fury“. What about all those who never fit into the picture? Ageing women, women without children. Women who have never bled monthly. Women who were assigned the wrong gender after birth. Women who have been read as female but are not women. All those who do not conform to the heter-onormative, normative image? What about all the male-read who are sick of the images that have been and are being thrown at them? All the people who want to finally take off the dress that has been supposedly tailored over and over again for centuries. In all of these, the transition to the parallel universe is created and the size of the gap varies according to the sensing factor. An archetype requires joint reflection. Intersubjectively.
In this artistic research project people are interviewed in order to show the most diverse perspec-tives. The selection is based on their expertise, professional or otherwise. The interview is based on a single multiple question, which is refined according to the expertise of the participants:

Artist bio:

Stephanie Bothor worked as an actor in film for two decades. Since 2004, she has specialized in performing research. Looking for characters, stepping into them for at least a year and integrating them into her everyday life, the intent being to delve between the lines of contemporary issues in order to deconstruct what is taken for granted. Bothor describes everything sensually received in words, images and installations. She has already completed three studies and is currently working on her fourth.