Studio Plastic/ Ralf Schmerberg

The Gathering 2022

recycled polycarbonate


For his new project Studio Plastic, Ralf Schmerberg has recently entered the field of sculpture with found plastic formations. The bizarre forms are created when plastic drips out of machines and solidifies. Sometimes he simply leaves them as they are – objets trouvées of the plastic era – sometimes he heats them up again and assembles them into figures, which are subsequently ar-ranged into grotesque family constellations and fantastic landscapes. Trash art that reflects the pressing environmental issues of our time with psychological depth and subtle humour.

Artist bio:

Ralf Schmerberg's (born 1965) unconventional way of seeing and understanding the world has made him one of the most productive visual artists of our time.
His works reveal unexpected portraits of the zeitgeist and poignant excerpts from everyday life. With a very personal and open gaze, Schmerberg captures the world around him - recognizing the sublime in the ordinary - and presents the viewer with a raw, honest reality that captivates, de-lights and at times is uncomfortable. In addition to his photographic works, there is a diverse cin-ematic oeuvre that includes feature films, documentaries, short films and video installations. Un-afraid of the new, Schmerberg continually explores unknown media, from large-scale installations to modern events.
Much of Schmerberg's work is driven by a strong interest in social action and exchange, with the aim of generating contemporary interventions in the social sphere. The online platform Dropping Knowledge and projects such as THE TABLE OF FREE VOICES or films such as PROBLEMA and PO-EM open up opportunities for a broad discourse and lasting reflection.
In 2020, Ralf Schmerberg founded MaHalla GmbH & Co. KG, which unfolds artistically and vision-arily in one of the old historic turbine halls of the AEG building in Oberschöneweide, Berlin. A 9000m2 gathering space/refuge will be created focusing on the five pillars of contemporary art, innovative music, spiritual experience, humane science and social society