Lili & Jesko

The Boat of Joy & Love

Wooden up cycled boat skeleton, pink paint, turquoise leeboards & oars, orange ropes

14 m x 3 m x 12 m / 1,8 m x 14 m

Children action painting dhow sail,
Lamu/Kenia & children action painting canvas, India

„Beamer Projection: Joy & Love“
Documentary, photos of the children
Action painting project in Africa & India

On the boat you find an area to dream and rest: „The Island of Dreams“. The boat is simultane-ously “Boat & Island”. The 8 m x 2,4 m area is covered with painted boards. The ornaments on the boards we found in stilt house monasteries on the Inlay Lake in Myanmar. These are monasteries surrounded by endless water landscapes, Islands of stillness. If people are confused the often wish themselves on an island where they can reconnect in stillness with their innermost self — far away from digital influences, mobil phones, noisy cities ... — through moments of stillness, concentration and rest you find reconnection with the innermost self.

Artist bio:

Lili & Jesko live in Berlin & Hamburg. Since 1990 they work as an artist duo/artists in love. Born 1966 and 1968 in Hamburg. Sculptor assistance France, carpenter apprenticeship, studies of Fine Arts & Design HFBK Hamburg & Fine Arts Florence/Italy. Numerous travels and artist in residency among others in India, Himalaya, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa. Children Action Painting Projects in India, Africa & Italy. Environmental installation „Personal Structures“, Palazzo Bembo, 56th Biennale Venezia 2015.

Lili & Jesko have travelled the world seeking inspiration from other cultures. Their collected im-pressions are transformed into paintings, sculptures, wall hangings and short films – whole build-ings they transform into artistic landscapes. The boat, the most ancient transport vehicle of man-kind — a symbol of existence moving through time and space — which connects people, islands, continents — appears in many different layers, forms and perspectives in their art work, as well as the theme of time space existence. Transforming negativity in positivity is the ambition in all of their art works — to get something blossoming is their deepest wish.