Katja Pudor

State of the world reports. The world flows through me. I´m the world too. 2022

Work in Progress during Berlin Art Week 2022 (14-18.09.)
Two performers, paper, ink
With Malou Theano Flora Hendel


Excerpt from:

“There is a stance. There is the material: a certain kind of paper, a certain format, one or several pens or brushes and paint that will make the gesture visible on paper. The information is neces-sary to comprehend the work. […]
Writing and drawing are linked, and not only in calligraphy. A momentum is revealed in the line that makes it more than would be necessary for a recording, a rendition. The artist yields to it and directs it. In some works, the horizontal direction of the writing collides with a vertical one. Fields of overwriting emerge that form dark shapes on the paper. It is noticeable that the edge of the paper is respected. The format determines what the end of showing will be. At issue are not just gestures of expression, but also the very concrete conditions of their realization. When Katja Pu-dor draws by ear, questions like these arise: What is the sound, the rhythm like? What happens out of the inner understanding and retracing of what has been heard? How does the movement over the paper feel, the pressure and counter-pressure of the material, from different positions? But also: What will be seen? The stance she assumes when drawing often keeps her from check-ing by looking at what she is drawing. Visual control has to do with distance, with wanting to stay on top of things. Seeing as a rational sense was privileged by modernity. One confronts the world, rather than feeling part of it. Desisting from seeing is an attempt to gain a different closeness to the independence of things and processes. […]
Through the space of listening, perception, and bodies, something shifts vis-à-vis thought based on writing. For the same reason, the drawings based on Beethoven’s sonatas seem hybrids be-tween drawing and perceptual writing.“

Artist bio:

Katja Pudor born in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin. She studied painting / fine arts at the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin with Katharina Grosse and finished her studies as a master student in 2005.
2021 Kunstfonds Bonn
2016 residency scholarship Schloss Wiepersdorf
2009 working scholarship visul arts, Berliner Senatsverwal- tung für Kultur und Europa
2008 Goldrausch project for women artists art IT