Shadow Light 2022


We are in a beautiful white forrest.
This angelic bird creature shows up and is in
complete awe of this dragon in the black pond.
She goes up to it in complete play and joy ,
touch and smells and plays with it.
Happy cheerful bell music is being played in
the background
Suddenly a giant shadow monster drops from the
ceiling down (made out of paper of cloth)
She bites the White Creature (she holds the
mouth and plays that shes being attacked)

Behold! The dragon has emerged in BERLIN
This ancient deity, is found in mayan culture
as Kukulkan and aztec as Quetzalcoatl,asian as
In all these ancient old cultures, they are
known to embody a snake body and feathers
around its head.
Coincidence? Impossible..
They are known to be the god of creation and
destruction. REBIRTH!
Embrace your darkness to get the full spectrum
of your soul. Remember the old gods, remember
with the memory of your body and soul.
We can only get to know ourselves deeply, if
we do as much work in the light as in the
Spend time with your demons, your dragons.
And see by giving them attention, they will
become your friend. And show you a whole
spectrum of yourself you didn’t expect.

abandoned electricity factory
We will build a white backgroud
And a giant pool with reflective
black water in it
In the pool there is a white
arch of a dragon
This is reflected in the
black water as a black dragon.
Together they form a portal
of light and darkness

Artist bio:

Born in Belgium and based in Hong Kong, artist and illustrator Cara To, also known as Caratoes, describes herself as a space designer who increases the beauty and serenity of a place with her artwork and a precise message. Travelling the world and painting, her artistic development led to several shows and commissions for international brands. Her works are featured as a part of the opening of URBAN NATION Museum in 2017.

Cara To was born in a small village near Gent, Belgium, lived in Amsterdam and worked as a 3D-artist and as a creative at an advertising agency following her graduation from university in Game Design. In 2011, she started painting in the streets of Amsterdam and some years later decided to re-discover her origins by moving to Hong Kong, where she became a full-time artist. Her artwork with a focus on graffiti and murals, spans many mediums and genres and combines tenuous, hypnotic line work with mind-blowing neon colours and characters of mesmerising quality.