Tina Zimmermann



This will be a collaboration with several Non-performers. We schedule 4h sessions, We take turns, always one person being in the space for 4 hours - doing nothing. However you want to do it. Standing, sitting or lying is possible, eyes open or closed but no sleeping. Moving a bit is ok to change position. Please no dancing, yoga, sleeping, reading, singing, jumping, smiling, greeting, speaking - anything that is obvious additional “doing” next to simple bodily needs. No dogmas, no techniques, as natural as possible. I assume the comfort zone will be reached after one to two hours, then it gets interesting, when inner resistance will be met with - nothing. Maybe we exper-iment also being two or more people in the space.

Artist bio:

Tina Zimmermann is a conceptual artist from Berlin and Mahalla resident artist, working on the intersections of humanity and technology, nature and civilization. She produces installations, often site-specific, sculptures and video art. By recontextualizing and recomposing the collective debris of our consumer society as well as the naturally growing and dying biomass of the organic life cy-cles, she celebrates nature's infinite creativity and asks questions about beauty, necessity and sanity in the age of the Antropozen. In her recent work she is moving into perfomative subjects challenging and questioning the need and justification for artistic practice in itself. A conceptual piece of non-performing arts