Kiss Nuka

Mahamrityunjay Mantra 2021

Audio: Lead up to the story opening (soft background music): 5 min

1 Hour 10 Minutes

In my journey of evolution, I am in the moment of reconnection with my inner self, creating the space so I can listen to the voice that comes from within me. I find this echoed in the halls of
Mahalla, a space that offers the freedom to let go of the expected and find what it is that reso-nates deep within. This is the true calling of these times... Reconnection.

Artist bio:

Raw, eclectic and phantasmic, Kiss Nuka is the new avatar of Anushka Manchanda - a revered voice in the Indian music industry. She is a global award-winning music producer, multidisciplinary artist and activist from Mumbai, India. She fearlessly bends genres creating uncensored and im-mersive audio-visual experiences like Don't Be Afraid and Ayo Burn, recognised at the 17th Inde-pendent Music Awards, the Berlin Music Video Awards, London Music Video Awards, and is now featured at the Völkingen Hütte. World Cultural Heritage Site at The World Of Music Video Exhibi-tion.

Her free-spirited love for nature translates into thought-provoking pieces of mid to hard electronic bass blended with ambient layers, electro-pop melodies, distorted vocals, & hints of her roots. Her keen interest in visual artistry has led her to produce and direct her own music videos and photo essays, deploying them as tools to carry her message of equality, the rise of the feminine, protection of nature and animal rights into the world.