Nancy Naser Al Deen and Yang Cheng

„KAHRABADIÅN (電كهربا) : Granular Magnetism“ 2022

Sound and movement experiment/performance

40 min

KAHRABADIÅN 電كهربا is a series of sound and movement experiments that explores fluid ranges of electricity exchange between organisms. Through spirits and material conversation 電’s sounds and equipment merge with كهربا’s movement and architecture into one ecocosm.

„Granular Magnetism“ is an experiment exploring multimodal gravity points. Each point gener-ates organic cardinal directions. Naser Al Deen and Yang navigate a pool of these infinite trajecto-ries powered by electromagnetic sparks. The point of collision is a point of decision. The point of decision is a space for potential negotiation. The space for negotiation is where this experiment aspires to arrive at.

Artist bio:

Nancy Naser Al Deen is a Lebanese/Egyptian urban and movement researcher based in Berlin. Nancy’s collaboration-based interdisciplinary practice utilizes tools of architecture, visual design, spatial research, mapping, and the body to witness, archive, protest, and investigate politics of (non-conforming) bodies in urban space. Naser Al Deen’s practice situates itself in the voids ra-ther than the solids.

Yang Cheng is a Taiwanese performer and musician based in Berlin. Perceiving self-generated sound as one of the human senses, he explores the mechanism of how inter/outer reality gener-ates conversation and how mind and body awareness crossfade expansion.
He forms his gravity of sonic articulations from found objects, field recording, digital/analogue instruments and recently electric magnetic field. Experimenting with sensors and controller com-binations, He recreated questions concealed by the answers through amplified speakers.