Thomas Lüer

Echo Chamber of Memories

Die Videoarbeiten und Installationen von Thomas Lüer konzentrieren sich auf wenige, über-schaubare Elemente: Zwei Personen, gestikulierend; ein Hund im "Bau", ein zu den Betrach-tern sprechender Avatar, der Gesichtsausschnitt eines Träumenden, Architekturen. Dass sich durch diese Reduktion eine Komplexität herstellt, die in ihrer Aufspaltung in eine Viel-zahl von Ebenen auch zeitnahe, politische wie historische Themen anzusprechen versteht, darin besteht die Kunst von Thomas Lüer.

Artist bio:

Lüer's attention is directed to an empirical practice that has broken down into such infinite manifolds that – shielded, exclusive and elitist – it is actually no longer verifiable and has thus become a mystery. What is going on in the photon accelerator laboratories? Which theoretical model does an experimental arrangement follow and what does this mean? And for whom?
Not everything that is not public is hidden, neither the so-called private nor the exclusive. And not everything public is automatically visible. In a present that is permeated by readily available data and in which criteria such as "public" and "private" have given way to a mimicry of functional imaginary worlds that are now beyond all empirical verifiability, installations such as "Spot" (2008 ) or “Spin” (2010), those inputs and outputs of information processing become visible that would otherwise go unnoticed.
The projection, calculated down to the simulative structure of its subjects, exposes the structures of the scientistic aura and links them in a very direct way with our immediate surroundings... (Gabi Schaffner)