Maja Rohwetter

Contingencies 2022

AR experience (app)

appARition © Maja Rohwetter 2022
Visuals and concept: Maja Rohwetter
Sound: Tuomo Väänänen/ app development: Artvisity
Realized with support from AURORA school for ARtists

In my work I use digital technologies like AR to stimulate a contemplative engagement with our-selves and our visual experiences. I want to question our perception and appropriation of the world. How does reality change when perceived through a display? What happens between these worlds? Digital images such as vector graphics and 3-D models have become an equal part of our visual vocabulary. Working with media transfers means transferring concepts of representation. What does a visual frame of reference look like for us as individuals living with, in, and between different realities?

Artist bio:

Maja Rohwetter (*1970) studied fine arts at the UDK Berlin and the Royal College of Arts, Stock-holm. Her cross medial artistic research between painting, collage and 3D modeling focusses on a visual language that includes visual experiences from both virtuality and reality.
She has been a guest lecturer at the HS Wismar and the Arctic University Tromsö and recently received a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Culture and Media. She has lived in Berlin since 1995.