Saskia Wendland

7.8.2021 – 26.4.2022 2022

Colored pencil on paper

160 x 173 cm

In the visual arts circles stand for the sun or the moon. They are halos and wheels of fortune, rings, the earth, compasses or even serpents feeding on their own tail. Circles represent infinity, unity, mobility, repetition and completion. And yet, rather than any of the above, Saskia Wendland’s layered circular repetitions are exercises in perfecting a form, growing into one whole, vibrant, red and round shape.
Saskia Wendland draws her circles over an extended time-span of several months, in which they develop into a final shape. They are products of a disciplined, ritualized process. She stands every morning and evening in close proximity to a large paper pinned to the wall and draws one single circle, measuring the full length of her arm. The size of the paper corresponds to her body height. Her whole body engages in the movement. The repetition of this commitment to the same form forces her to start as well as conclude the day as an artist, practicing the difficult task of drawing a simple circle. The way the circles come into being is dependent on her ability to repeat a simi-lar, uninhibited movement time and again. This action personalizes their shape in accordance with Wendland’s gesture. Her persona becomes inseparable from the form she creates and in this way her artistic practice translates into the artwork itself.
Wendland can therefore be described as a practitioner of art. An important aspect of her work is the conscious administration of time. While drawing the circle is a relatively short, concentrated effort, the work demands continuous attention over a long period of time concluding only when the form appears to be complete, neither perfect nor immaculate, but a radiating witness to her artistic practice [...]. (Shelly Harten)

Artist bio:

Saskia Wendland studied visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. Following this, she studied Japanese calligraphy in Kyoto for two years. This was an important experience that had a significant impact on her subsequent artistic work. Wendland has received various grants and fellowships. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including at the Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai; Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin; Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam; Galerie Vincenz Sala, Berlin; and the Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin.