DEC 2022


Mit großer Vorfreude lädt MaHalla Freunde und Gäste zu obskurer Etikette an eine riesige glitzernde, goldene Tafel zu einem Abend voller Verzückungen und Verzauberungen mit

Meisterkoch Stephan Hentschel & Regisseur Ralf Schmerberg.

EIn unvergessliches, endloses Menü voller Überraschungen.

Werden Sie Teil der opulenten irren Winterwunderwelt von GLITZERGOLD.

ALL DEC 2022


MaHalla invites to a nesting, hibernating and warming winter wonderland. 

Immerse yourself in a magical, romantic and dreamy wonderland, each dome a different kingdom, each tent a different universe.

An ever transforming Christmas village that is made up of culinary, sounds, warmth, cold and visual
experiences co-created in community.

ALL NOV – 18TH DEC 2022


My hood is a colourful place!
My grandfather always said: time travels are memories!
We can always revisit the colourful parts of our lives, no matter the pain we might feel.

My home is where colours are found
Where music is played
My home is where the body just moves and feelings have meanings

My home is as simple as caveman paintings
I’m reading its signs and symbols
I’m listening to the colours of my roots,

My colours are words and intentions.

How do you deal with growth when home changes?
You bring both worlds together.
You question what’s here and what has been there!
You build your own rhythms of understanding, with colours and structures.

The knowledge of where we come from blends with what I see, what I hear, what I make of it, building new traditions around them, keeping sacred the old and embracing the new.
My stickmen move their bodies through old and new traditions, bodies and movements, shaping new identities with one move at a time.
I think in purple, speak in blue, feel in green, breathe in yellow my touch is orange and when it starts its red – my hood is a colourful place in my heart

VERNISSAGE Opening:    8th of November  6 pm

DAILY EXHIBITION from  9th – 22nd of November , 10 am-  6 pm

DANCE PERFORMANCE & PANEL Talk , 18th of November, 6 pm

Selassie, in one word — Rare

The Ghanaian-born multi-faceted self-taught artist brings colors into the deep paths of his life. Approaching his art from a state of naivety, Selassie is at heart still the kid from Dansoman, walking through the world, influenced by the brush strokes and contours of his life. His journey is heavily driven by the urge to be “breaking the stereotypes and the mentality of kids from Africa to Europe.”

Coming from dance he translates body movements into brushstrokes and vibrant colours, which he mends into the poetry of his songs. These three art forms become an expression of what he describes as “a transparent conversation with himself.”

“My Art reflects the way i want to be loved.”





MaHalla presents Monster Mutations made up by Döring

Saturday, 26. November 2022, 7 pm
Tickets €15 at the door

There must be something, a thread, that runs through everything you make. Says a person who knows. Says the person who came up with the Monster Mutations thing at Mahalla. With this intoxicating program, outrageously morphing in all directions, the energetic thread runs from drumroll to guitar wall, from man-machine to jazz excess, on to bass hypnosis and, of course, a good dose of intensity. 

Word should have gotten around that the person behind Monster Mutations has always trusted their animal instincts and proven their incorruptible taste. It’s time to get your appetites satisfied, and let your animal body move, with each and every monstrous mutation

Their name does not matter. It may appear somewhere at the very end. The hundreds or rather thousands of legendary concert evenings she has organized in the Loft, the Metropol, the Tempodrom and elsewhere – water under the bridge. What counts here and now is the music. What counts are the monster mutations of: Caspar Brötzmann. Frank Bretschneider. Gropper, Henkelhausen, Lichtenberger. hÄK / Danzeisen. Moderna. Maya Wada. Tina Zimmermann. Ismael Zouaoui. Ara. 

Behind all these mutations, the one thread running  through them, is the person who made it all up. The one who stands for a specific energy like no other – especially when it’s wild but somehow remains together: Mahalla’s Monster Mutations, made up by Monika Döring.


Monster Mutations

made up by Döring

Saturday, November 26th, 2022, 7 pm

Mahalla, Black Hall:

hÄK / Danzeisen

Gropper, Henkelhausen, Lichtenberger

Caspar Brötzmann 

Mahalla, Reaktor:

Maya Wada

Frank Bretschneider



Ismael Zouaoui

Visuals: Tina Zimmermann 

Caspar Brötzmann

plays guitar. A musician that embodies his instrument with his entire being. Transforming time and space with his sounds, into a landscape in battle with the elements, at the end point of our evolution – sound – amplification. Brötzmann presents himself as a virtuoso on the long-scale electric guitar, for which he developed a novel way of playing after years of working at it. Now it finally comes to maturity.


Frank Bretschneider 

is a musician, composer and video artist. He is known for the precision of his sound design: complex, interwoven rhythm structures and his unmistakable, constrained yet flowing signature. After beginnings as a painter, he founded the avant-garde pop band AG Geige in 1986 in what was then Karl-Marx-Stadt, was later co-founder of the label raster-noton and has for years been considered one of the most internationally renowned techno artists from Germany.


Gropper, Henkelhausen, Lichtenberger

have never performed in this formation before. The live premiere of the trio of saxophonist Philipp Gropper, Felix Henkelhausen on double bass and Grischa Lichtenberger on various digital devices promises to be a performance rich with its immediatism and condensed interaction on stage. Far from jazz-electronic conventions and beyond all predictability, sharp musical dissection meets great sensitivity for the decisive moments.


hÄK / Danzeisen

must be imagined as a man-machine apparatus that processes chain reactions of impulses in batches. Which says nothing about the tangible energy of the performances by Bernd Norbert Würtz a.k.a. hÄK and Philipp Danzeisen. The duo throws conventional roles overboard, explores the possibilities of a new sound language, and plays modular synthesizer and drums with corners, edges and as if with a single, penetrating voice.



a.k.a. Missy Livingston is a Berlin-based DJ and producer synonymous with a heady blend of techno, future acid and bass. In addition to her solo productions, including a remix for The Matrix Resurrections soundtrack, she also released with Mexican musician Theus Mago and founded Brave New Rave, a hybrid art, music and NFT label.


Maya Wada 

celebrates the power of intuition in her music selection. Atmosphere and beat, vibration and harmony are in her understanding different manifestations of a common greater unity. Behind this is the essence of all things, which she and her audience approach together through music.



Tina Zimmermann

works as an interdisciplinary artist with the media video, photography, painting, sculpture and combines her creative skills and passions as needed. This is how her own style of “organic media art” emerges, which makes as much sense and impression in urban interventions as it does in stage designs for opera and theater productions or in VJ performances for clubs and festivals. Always poetic, always in search of new sensory experiences.



Ismael Zouaoui

a.k.a. Ish lives and breathes music. He produces electronic music with complex drum patterns and various sampling techniques, whose textures always function on multiple levels simultaneously. He explores sounds and ideas from different eras. His music is contemporary, playful, distorted, three-dimensional, fat and clean.



aka Arno Raffeiner, organizes together with sound artist Mieko Suzuki the event series Kookoo in Berlin, which initiates dialogues in the intermediate area of electronic music and visual art. In his work as a writer, he has had a significant influence on magazines such as Spex and Groove. As a DJ, he lets himself be guided by everything thinkable and audible, by the permanent limbo of possibilities.



1PM – 4PM



27th of November 1-4pm

Doors Open at 12:30pm

Entry Price € 18,00

TICKETS in presale or at the box office.


LOVE ACTIVATION by Mantrance is an interactive concert with harmony singing, cacao ceremony, medicine music and gong meditation.


Welcome beautiful beings

to this

magical mystical gathering

bringing back the

Ancestral essence of life

Through the memories of Sound

and the creation of our own Dance

We rise above the clouds of fear

Bring your cuddling utensils:

Blanket/fur, warm socks, notebook+pen, Water bottle


Cacao Medicine Power

Harmony Singing

Mantrance Performance

Gong Meditation

We begin our journey with an offering & prayers to our divine Mother Earth, a ritual for connection and deep understanding, held by Ixchel Cuevas.

After that there will be an unique debut performance of Ixchel an Nanjing Mantrance medicine music.

The multidimensional experience will be completed with a sound meditation of cosmic vibration played by Jens Zygar, sound pioneer and Gong scientist since 1984.

Powererd by Mahalla & Klanghaus Media





3PM – 8:30PM

Pyramid Party: Breaking Out of the Matrix

Pyramid Party: Breaking Out of the Matrix on the 27th of November in Mahalla

hosted by Boto, Alvin Collantes, Giulia Anna Maria & Yasemin Vollmond

Doors open from 3 pm

Life is a beautiful dance. It is a vibrational flowing wave, taking us to its rhythm. Assisting us in clearing of mind, in forgetfulness of our worries.

The movement of our body is like the motion of life. Vibrations of the notes pounding to the rhythm of heart.

To remember the freedom of the dance is to remember that we must dance to the rhythm of life.

3:00 pm – Doors Opening

4:00 pm – Opening Ceremony with Yasemin Vollmond, Boto, Alvin and Giulia

4:30 pm – Breath work with Giulia

5:00pm – Dose of Pleasure with Alvin

6:00pm – Kundalini Meditation with Boto

6:30pm – DJ Set with Boto & Alvin

8:00pm – Closing Ceremony

9:00pm – Finish

Workshops, Drag Performances & Collective Dancing:

Live Dance & Didgeridoo Performances by Marlena Shiva, Bibingka Babe & Giulia Anne Maria

Gong Bath by Yasemin Vollmond

Dose of Pleasure: Dancefloor Meditation

Dance Energy Activation

Kundalini Energy Work


DJ Sets

Vendor booth:

REALCHEMY Ayurvedic Wheel

Tickets from 19,98 €