Star Cuisinier Stefan Marquard brings your tongue to another level
with a three Culture Dinner: Japan/North Africa/West Africa! This unique evening will be a fireworks of senses accompanied with some world class solo musicians.

Live musicians:
Japan – Shingo
Syria – Ali Hasan
West African – Lamin, Heart Beats of Africa -

Aperitivo 7:00pm
Dinner.  8:00pm

Registration via RSVP @

Menue Price 50,00 €

North Africa:
From Taboule to Pumpkin
From Humus to Chicken
From Lamb to Pomegranate

Miso deLuxe with Ramen and Yakitori
Sashimi with PakChoi and Panko

West Africa:
Domoda – Gamberian National Dish
with Peanut Sauce Vegetables and Lamb

Chicken Vassa – Senegalese National Dish

This event follows 2G regulations